Miami Assets Realty, Inc.

About Us

Our company

We are a boutique medical brokerage firm with a focus on seeking off market core plus and value add acquisition/investment opportunities in most major MSA throughout the U.S. markets in addition to disposition of private, physician/provider owned or institutional owned medical real estate assets i.e. ambulatory surgical care, outpatient care facilities or mini-hospitals. With over 50+ years between the MCB Science + Health team, and over 16 years of brokerage transaction experience, we are your ideal partner for your transaction needs.

Our Mission

At Miami Assets Realty, we and MCB Science + Health have embarked on a bold mission to redefine the landscape of medical real real estate by transcending traditional boundaries and setting new standards of excellence. Our unwavering commitment is to become the undisputed leader in acquisitions and seamless real estate transactions, and emerge as the go-to destination for those who demand nothing short of excellence in closing deals.

Our Vision

Our vision is rooted in a passion for innovation, a deep understanding of market dynamics, and an unyielding dedication to client success. We don’t just facilitate transactions; we craft experiences through not only traditional, but creative deal structuring that insures acquiring and transacting real estate to an art form. We are architects of opportunity, building bridges, while creating satisfying and lasting relationships.

Premium service

MCB Science + Health & Miami Assets Realty is the right fit for the current market conditions in the ongoing and ever evolving healthcare market sector. Our value creation in healthcare development is unparalled and are open to various JV structures.

Let our Team Go To Work For You

We help companies, private equity groups and investors create, expand, and diversify their real estate portfolio through acquisitions, developments and/or joint ventures

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